Manufacturing is our focus
and data’s in our DNA

Industry 4.0 is in full swing. For BISTel, that’s nothing new. Industry leading AI technologies and over 20 years of tackling the most complex manufacturing challenges to accelerate continuous improvement for our customers.

Downtime is costly, it hurts profits, impacts product quality and reduces customer satisfaction. GrandView APM delivers factory wide operational efficiencies through AI predictive analytics and plant wide knowledge sharing that connects people, and processes with the data and insights they need to make better decisions, eliminate equipment downtime, extend the life of assets and reduce servicing costs.

The result?

Factory wide operational efficiencies enabled by plant wide knowledge sharing

Vast reductions in maintenance costs across the ecosystem

Constant machine uptime through AI predictive analytics and health monitoring

Improved asset utilization extends the life of manufacturing assets

360 Degree of the Factory

Speed manufacturing productivity with ecosystem wide data analytics and knowledge sharing

From the CEO to the factory floor and all points in between, BISTel’s empowers stakeholders to visualize the entire manufacturing process. Our core cloud, AI and edge-computing technologies combine with proprietary smart manufacturing applications to monitor the health of critical assets, spot anomalies, conduct root cause analysis, and deploy predictive analytics that even predict the remaining useful life of equipment. This means reduced maintenance and no more equipment downtime.

GrandView Integrates Seamlessly within Any Industry Production Environment

Over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing sector helps us to understand your operations. Whatever systems you are running, our data collection and integration software easily connects to any data sources and integrates easily into most production processes.

Our advanced data preparation and integration collects and prepares data into a common language, before we apply the latest data analysis to enable real-time insights.

Powered by a World-class IoT Platform
to Improve your Productivity and Profitability

  • Global factory asset connectivity powered by metatron® IoT technology

  • Seamless integration with advanced BI analytic capabilities (metatron discovery®) and other analytic solutions

  • About 'metatron'

GrandView APM leverages proprietary AI and IIoT technology to provide an industry first asset health index, 24/7 equipment health monitoring and predictive maintenance. GrandView APM includes a work order feature that connect to the CMMS and ERP systems to schedule prediction-based maintenance and order spare parts. This vastly reduces service and parts costs and extends the life of your equipment.

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